Hairstyle makes a lot of difference...

02/18/98- This shows the progression of a new head sculpture; hopefully, you'll recognize... ?

Picture #1 shows the first phase of roughing out, where I just try to get it to look sorta human. The second picture shows what that looks like after studying photos to refine the particular characteristics. It's a composite based on pictures of the person at different ages & with different expressions. I went for a neutral expression because it's versatile. As usual, I couldn't find good mug shots, so I had to fill in the gaps, feature by feature. The head is deliberately short since I intend to make a wig instead of sculpting one on (although that's an option too). The third photo is #2, retouched to see how she'd look with hair & eyeballs. After working on this thing pretty intensely, I get "visually fatigued" and have only a faint idea of how close it is (I kept thinking that she looked too much like my Rommel head sculpt). I'm hoping that the real paint job will minimize that "deer in headlights" look.

The first set of photos looked a little odd with this old "just lying around" hairdo. It's the wrong color, for one thing. I didn't realize this at first-- I thought there was something majorly wrong in the facial structure, as is usually the case. It's that visual fatigue thing where every so often it'll look right, but if you stare at it long enough, you become convinced that something's wrong. I'm not saying that this is perfect-- just that the changed hairstyle makes her look "right" (to my eye) more easily.

Since I'm using this person's vague likeness without permission, I feel obliged to put in a word for one of her personal causes:
  • Don't kill gorillas.
  • If you've got any spare change hanging around and feel like helping the gorillas that are left, send it to: The Digit Fund/45 Inverness Drive East/Englewood, CO 80112-5480. (I assume that this organization is still around, but don't know for sure.)

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