bogu seijin borg ultraseven female doll


09/06/05- Here's another one from the alternate Ultra dimension-- It looks suspiciously like the Ultraseven foe, Borg Seijin, but with enormous breasts! Wow, what an original twist, huh? Nevermind that in the television episode, the human form of the creature was female, who transformed into the taller, bulkier, and gender-neutral armoured creature. I sought to remedy that inconsistency with this version of Borg Seijin. I added the ultra-fashionable "Neo" to the name so as to avoid confusion with the original, and it sounded better than "Borg Seijin con Chichis". Hey, at least I'm being sort of selective: I don't think the world is ready for, or really needs a huge-breasted Baltan Seijin.

Despite the breasts, I tried to capture the general look of the original costume design because I've always liked its resemblance to knight's armour-- even if it does look rubbery. Anyway... some specific detail elements (like the radiating and parallel line patterns) were copied, but most were just improvised as the doll was cobbled together. Some ideas-- like clusters of micro tubes-- seemed so inspired until I put them in, but I couldn't remove them without tearing up the suit. So they were buried under other stuff, and the result is a mishmash of different patterns, ideas, and experiments. In other words, it's a typical Jimbob project that was designed as it was being blundered through.

The bare minimum of initial planning determined which parts needed to be flexible; it would be a lot of work (and time consuming) to do the entire thing with flexible castings, so whereever feasible, I sculpted parts in rigid putty. The shoulder and outer thigh armour were cast to avoid restricting arm and leg articulation. The flexible brassiere took care of two things-- it allowed the arms to close in a little bit at the front (the cups are padded with a gummy-soft, resilient material) and the lower edge doesn't restrict the underboob waist articulation. Mainly though, it was just fun to play around with.

I wanted to get away from the bulky and androgynous look of the original costume, so before starting with the costuming, I exaggerated some the "Perfect Body" figure's female attributes. Armour always adds bulk, so adding armour to those parts had an interesting effect-- besides the boobs, the doll's got some massive thunder thighs and continental shelf-like buttocks.

I also didn't like the look of the original shoulder armour. They're large and floppy, so I decided to make mine more compact. Although I liked the idea of having asymetrical armour, that would have required two sculpts, two molds- not worth the trouble.

If you set your quality standards at a very high level, this would an immensely difficult and time-consuming project: The intricate decorative pattern motifs are everywhere, repeated in bilateral symmetry. Naturally, I set my sights considerably lower-- I was content to eyeball and freehand everything since I didn't have the interest to sustain me through what would most likely have been a really long and boring project. (My attention span is only about a week or two.) So the parallel stripe patterns aren't evenly spaced or counted, and the symmetry is off, ummmm... nearly everywhere. It doesn't stand up well to close scrutiny, but it goes with the spirit of the genre: Real metal isn't supposed to wrinkle and fold, and alien invaders wouldn't find much protective value in rubber suits. You're not supposed to look at this stuff too closely.

Ultra creatures with oversized hooters... this begs the question, "Why???" and the glib answer that comes to mind is, "Why not?" Besides the "Ultrawoman Lulu" thing mentioned in the Nemesis article, it's fun to re-design the costuming for a new creation whose story hasn't already been told. In terms of design, the T&A angle gives a familiar framework for blending features of the original design, which makes it easier, like improvising over a known motif. Hopefully, the process ends up being a little more creative than just globbing oversized clay boobs onto an existing design; but even then, the work of recreating a good portion of the original design from scratch makes for a challenging and fun project. Hey, big boobs=good. Grunt, grunt.

bogu seijin borg ultraseven female doll The Borg Seijin television episode isn't exactly Emmy-worthy: Aliens abduct a TDF member and program him to plant explosives in the TDF headquarters... Not a terribly brilliant and visionary plan for subjugating Mankind (or whatever it is that those evil aliens always seem bent on doing). Nevertheless, the Borg aliens are unredeemably evil, look pretty good in human form with their silver lab coats, and have a neato spaceship. The final showdown with Ultraseven is weird-- there's some fierce bludgeoning intermixed with odd comedic gestures and sequences (probably unintentionally comedic). This one gets 5 stars for its old-timey, non-PC fight-ender: The creature's head gets lopped off while it's trying to flee, and foam squeezes out of the neck like toothpaste-- all while the creature's headless body is still standing! Cool, huh?

bogu seijin borg ultraseven female doll

bogu seijin borg ultraseven female doll