custom ultra alien doll figure


08/28/05- I recently got the Ultraman Tiga DVDs that were released in the last few years by FUNimation-- 8 DVD's worth of 30-minute episodes. Uhhhhnnn... My brain's not bleeding, but it is numb ... and I've still got another 2 DVDs to go.

Anyway, in one of the episodes, I was impressed by the head design of the alien "Kiliel". I sketched it, made a few modifications, then set about trying to make something of it in doll form. So, like the Fearmu doll, this is an "inspired-by" thing. It's a little "Predator"-ish and "Guyver"-ish, but my intent was simply to make a tough, armoured nemesis for Ultrawoman Lulu.

Since I'm more interested in making female whatevers than male whatevers, the concept of a hypothetical "Ultrawoman Lulu" series just naturally developed. No, I'm not doing stories-- but the concept is useful for directing the creation of these monster/alien women. Naturally, if I were actually doing such a series, it wouldn't be for kids, but for the fringe demographic that appreciates catfights-- it would be sort of like the infamous "Tastes Great/Less Filling" commercial meets Cutey Honey, maybe with a touch of "Kill Bill". No more fight-ending Ultra beams and exploding aliens (Didn't Indiana Jones show us the futility of the Ju-Jitsu stuff when you can just whip out the artillery?).

Come to think of it, maybe the concept would be much better if you ditched the funky monster suits altogether...

custom ultra alien doll figure