dada mama female ultraman doll


DOMINANT STACKED SB&WF 6'2"-175' who loves dark dimensions, teleportation, laboratories, masks, and big rayguns. Seeking open-minded, intelligent human specimen for unconventional experimental relationship. #777

08/23/05- Where do you go after you've done a knockoff Camearra and an ersatz Ultrawoman? For cheap thrills (and a good time), do a Dadamama!

Like those other two, Dadamama is a shameless extension of the Tsuburaya line of Ultraman properties. I don't feel too bad about piggybacking on their stuff since their universe is expansive: After 40 years, with sooooo many monsters and aliens, it's like a chaotic and lawless testing ground for oddball creature designs. The Dada creature in the original Ultraman episode was enigmatic and left many unanswered questions for anal-retentive fools with the spare time to ponder things which were not meant to be pondered. What are the Dada creatures? Are those masks or their real faces? What do they need miniaturized human specimens for? Are they unisex or do they have hot Dadababes and studly Dadadudes? Damaged minds want to know! Tsuburaya may someday provide the authoritative answer to those questions, but until then, all we can do is wonder and speculate...

After some seconds of intense speculation, some answers suddenly became clear to me: We are all food for Keronia! Wait... wrong episode... the answers suddenly became clear to me: The Dada creatures are not normal human beings like you or me, and they lack Thunderball Fists! So I feverishly sketched a doodle of the Dadamama head, then tried to sculpt it.

I was guided by some basic principles: The Dada face we've seen is very flat and mask-like (probably because it is), so I wanted to make the face behind it more human-ish, but similar to the Dada mask. Sort of a mask behind a mask, like an old Twilight Zone episode. The sculpture turned out looking much more malevolent and middle-aged than the Surfer Dada Babe I'd envisioned-- Maybe it's the eyes and hair, or the fat? And as I sculpted it, I saw in it "Roswell Alien" and nasty "Buffy Vampire". And after painting it, I thought it looked like a cartoon character from the Comedy Central cartoon, "Drawn Together".

The design of the head with removable beehive wig made it easy to light with an LED and left plenty of room for the battery. The "traditional" Dadamask (not lighted) fits over her head (minus the beehive). The face portion is cast in a flexible material to better fit her curved facial contour-- this also makes it easier to put on/remove without scuffing the headsculpt.

dada mama female ultraman doll After making two Ultrafems using Takara's Aurora bodysuit, I attempted to exercise my long-neglected & pathetic sewing skills to produce the female Dadasuit. This was mainly a nod to cheapness, since it's impractical and expensive to repeatedly harvest store-bought Cool Girl suits and discard the Cool Girl carcasses. Cheapness is one of the main reasons to do-it-yerself (even though it sometimes ends up being more expensive). Indeed, fabric is cheap, for you can make a bunch of stuff with a yard of it-- you only need to spend the intangible value of your time to convert theory. Even though you get a reverse-engineerable pattern with every Cool Girl doll you buy, you still have to extrapolate and put it together... that's where the cruel issue of competence comes in. After the first fitting, I had to make plenty of adjustments. Overall, the suit results were... ehhh... okay... so I won't pretend that I have something of value to say on the subject. I figure that if I can do a crummy job of it, anyone can.

The suit isn't removeable, which spared me the challenge of zipper installation. I couldn't think of any compelling reason to make it removeable since I'm not going to be designing a Dadamama Evening and Sports wear Collection. Stripe-painting was tedious and somewhat difficult due to the surface texture, especially with all the redesigns inherent in designing as you go: So much to clean up...

Once again, I used a BBI "Perfect Body" as the base; It's much easier to sacrifice one of those than a Cool Girl v2.0 body, and earlier CG versions have limited elbow articulation range (but I contend that you can get very good articulation range in a single hinge, if it's designed for it). Mainly, these fully-clothed doll projects are a rare opportunity for me to use my PB dolls for something. This time I didn't shorten her too-long legs (for that freaky towering alien look), but I did have to do something about her crotch and underboob chasms-- Even if a doll wears clothes (especially a fitted outfit), the outfit needs a decent frame underneath so that folds don't get sucked in where they don't belong. Following the revelations of the Joanna Dark Squishy Boobs, I thinned the removeable boob plate so that it could conform to the reshaped abdomen without the pronounced overhang, and so the arms could cross over her front (that's a common problem for girls who have extremely large and rigid plastic breasts). I closed the crotch gaps as much as I could, knowing that she would never be sitting in the Team Dada Jeep, and did the usual crotch surgery that frees the PB to close her legs.

dada mama female ultraman dollSadly, some of the important questions about the Dada remain unanswered: Why do they need miniaturized human specimens? As slaves, miniaturized humans are far less productive than full-sized ones. As food, miniaturized humans don't provide nearly as much protein and bulk fiber as full-sized ones. I think we would be barking up the wrong pants to assume that these were their nefarious intentions. Tsuburaya gives us a very important and telling clue-- the human specimens must be really smart. Could it be that the Dada collect miniaturized human specimens for their miniature Dada Jeopardy tournaments? Or could these miniature human speciments be an essential ingredient for their depraved breeding program to produce super-smart Dada Chihuahuas?

Eiji knew, but he ain't talkin'.