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demonette doll 09/06/04- Next up in the freak show is this cute little demonette feller. You may be asking, what's up with this demon fetish? Is it some kind of Freudian thing having to do with horns and horniness? Gawd, I hope not. The fact is, human rugrats are represented as dolls in vast numbers on the Internet, whereas demonettes aren't. It's therefore an issue of fairness and equal access: Mythical demonettes are a neglected imaginary minority demographic who deserve greater representation.

You may recognize the base figure as Hasbro's plastic effigy of the adorable little Vader brat of Star Wars fame. Imagine if you will, that doll dismembered... with its torso ripped in half, its neck savagely sawn from its torso, its arms sliced off at the biceps, its face held against an emery grinder, and its foot stumps drilled and replaced with vintage Joe nosepicker hands... Payback, that's what I'd call it, but other than that it's what I'd call a quickie project. Gee... couldja tell?

Rincus probably owes some kind of inspirational debt to Annie Skywalker. Being a similarly deep and troubled character, he's plagued by a host of personal issues stemming from his unhappy childhood and troubled adolescence... the brutal teasing of his broodmates because of his tiny horns, and his tortured regrets about the tragedy which befell dear Uncle Ben. He immerses himself in his work as a skilled Obsequiotician to blot out those painful memories, all the while concealing the secret forbidden love he feels for his pneumatic taskmistress. Could her frenzied beatings be a veiled sign that she secretly cares for him? But what about Nancy? And what about that rotten weasel, Rocky Rococo?


demonette doll

So, I lied... but furniture looks better in context.