11/02/97 PM- I adapted my "McQueen" head, which I had already abandoned. Rommel's difficult to sculpt, because he doesn't have a lot of really distinctive features-- he just looks tired in all the pictures I've seen of him (like me). He also looks very different from picture to picture...

These are some of the decorations in some of the pictures I'm working from. They're painted on thin styrene strips. I'm not sure how I'm going to do the shoulder boards though; I'd like to use a gold & silver braid, so that it looks dimensional.

11/02/97 AM- Well, it ain't Rommel yet! I've still got to sculpt the head, make the uniform decorations, a cap and his goggles.

Since I'm waiting for the arrival of an order of five headless Elite Brigade bodies, I decided to get busy and start working on stuff that they're gonna wear! The first one might be Rommel, although I'm making a generic tan uniform. At any rate, this gives me a reason to practice my really weak sewing skills, and hopefully improve-- There's a lot of stuff that I realize I should have done before sewing this piece to that, so I'm having to rely on contact-cement to solve some problems. In some cases I think the contact cement improves the "realism". You can definitely shape fabric details much easier with cement than sewing. Fortunately, with doll's clothes you don't have to worry about durability and washability as much.

By the way, I'm a little concerned about the durability of the currently available Masterpiece Edition Joes... This one's leg snapped off at the knee with a minimum amount of force! I was pretty surprised, and my speculation is the nylon joint was either made of some funky nylon, or the fungicidal treatment that they used (which weakened the elastic), also weakened the nylon. This is bad news, since this is not an easy repair! I think I'll leave it broken and outfit him as a war casualty...

The one really cool thing that I did with this outfit was make the simulated buttonholes. They're just thread glued behind the button, and make it look like the button is actually coming through a hole.

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