This is the final resting place for the "Cassandra" head. She's kinda sorta like a female version of General Patton, except she's got a whip instead of a riding crop (Okay, it's kind of skinny, but I just "whipped" it together, har har). I reissued her some clothes I'd used on other figures (it's a perpetual case of clothes shuffling), but she still didn't look right. She needed some riding breeches! This meant I had to dust off my very rusty sewing skills and hunker down. The first pair, in olive drab, went to General Patton-- they were kind of funky, since the puffy part was too low off the thighs. This second pair fixed that problem, but they aren't as fitted at the knees as they should be. The big problem is getting the Masterpiece Edition Joe's feet off! Unless you put in snaps, or elasticize the lower pantleg, you're stuck! I've only managed to remove a few pieces from those ME Joes, and it wasn't easy, even using heat to soften the plastic.

My beginner's foray into the world of sewing taught me that Singer machines suck, and that Pfaff machines are tops. Wow, and they're made in Germany too!

Last modified: Saturday, January 6, 2001 6:20 PM