This page was intended for Leo Sutedja's Halloween Extravaganza, 10/31/97 but I ended up consolidating my two submissions into a single page. I later finished her hair, and made a slightly more ambitious costume. This version of Ms. Ellie used the CC transexualized body, with the slightly droopy, less perky boobs.

Fright Wig

So, what's the secret, Joey? How do you keep your hair so neat and tidy?

Aw shucks, Miss Ellie! I just spray it on in the morning! But it looks like you're having a really BAD HAIR DAY!

Why you...! Ooooooo!!! I oughta rip your head... I oughta stuff your head back onto your body!!!

I'm not kidding about the bad hair, either! Trying to glue down this unruly & matted cheap Halloween hair was just the sort of thing that makes you want to rip heads off. I suppose I could have made a styrofoam appliance and glued the hair down to that. But then it'd look like a beehive wig, and I'd be trampling on someone's copyright! Uhh... you can't copyright cleavage, right?.

Since Ellie isn't a permanent piece (she reverts back to GI Jane after the party), I didn't bother making an outfit for her. Just a basic black bathrobe. The head was sculpted in Promat, and I attempted to turn it into the final piece-- I even painted it. Unfortunately, Promat's too weak to fit around the pressure fitting of a CC Joe neck. (In hindsight, this really didn't matter, since I made the choker.) So I sanded off the paint, made a crummy resin casting and painted it. Unfortunately, there were some evil goo spots in the casting, which became apparent as I was finishing up that paint job. Rather than pouring another casting and painting it, I was determined to fix those spots. To seal them up, I repainted them, sanded them, sprayed 'em with Dullcote-- nothing worked until I put a coat of Zap-A-Gap over them, kicked it with Zap-kicker, and sanded it down. It only took a few hours longer than if I'd just made a second casting...

The real treasure in this second picture is the Ultra Rare black Ike head. They made this sculpt from photos of him when he was younger and heavier. Fortunately the idea was scrapped (along with the Asian and Hispanic versions) shortly after production began.

Just kidding. Scared ya, didn't I?


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