I was anxious to do something with the Cassandra head, but didn't want to jump the gun on my submission for Leo Sutedja's Halloween unveiling. Meanwhile, folks on the GI Joe newsgroup were talking about a "Lara Croft" figure that would be released. Unfortunately, it turned out that the figure in question would not be 1:6 scale, so I searched the web for this "person", expecting to find a magnificently endowed actress... I was surprised to find out that she was a 3-D model for a video game named "Tomb Raider"! Sort of like a female Indiana Jones. Well, wearing sunglasses she didn't look anything like Ms. Ellie, so it was safe to post a picture at my site...

This picture shows why GI Joes should never wear shorts or short-sleeved shirts! Yeeeeech!!! much trouble you should spend trying to achieve realism and a fine finish on a figure which will never look presentable when naked? I spent a lot of time working on my first transexualization-- enough so that she would look okay when wearing a specially-designed scanty outfit. This included thigh-high boots, arm bracelets, shoulderpads, a choker and some peculiarly-designed panties... Still-- there's only so much you can do! The best medium for that type of realism is sculpture: Unfortunately, you can't pose a sculpture! Other options? Making a flexible urethane skin over the articulated armature! Yeah, except that is a helluva lot of work, and the life expectancy of those flexible materials is only maybe 10 - 25 years.

My well-reasoned compromise is to make realistically proportioned (well, according to my particular fetishes) figures which would look okay when wearing a skin-tight outfit.

Last modified: Saturday, January 6, 2001 6:20 PM