10/26/97- I used a Masterpiece Edition GI Joe for this transexualization. One of the things I learned from my last project of this type was that the current CC Joe body is not ideal for this type of conversion. My biggest complaint is one I've mentioned before, ad nauseum-- the body is too heavy, and the joints can't properly support the weight. You can't tighten 'em either, unless you resort to major surgery. The plastics used in the ME body heat sculpt fairly easily (I don't recommend that procedure for anyone that wants to live a long time), but the trade-off is in the painting. The blow-molded PVC plastic doesn't sand or take paint well, although you can buff it to an incredible shine! Epoxy putty seems to stay put though, especially after the surface has been scuffed up with the heat. Heat and tension will also cause these bodies to collapse or compress so you should take them apart before applying heat, unless you want that effect. (It's also a good opportunity to restring the limp ME body.) I did want a little bit of compression, since this is a female figure. The ME body is already a "shrimpie", but this adds more variety to the lineup. This is an early picture showing the size comparison with the unaltered ME body. It was necessary to trim the arm length, but I left the leg length as is since that's one of the liberties artists take in idealizing the female form.

Here's the final size comparison with a vintage Joe...

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