Cotswold's SS Sgt-Brandenberg

I purchased Cotswold Collectible's "German Allgemein-SS Oberscharfuhrer (Staff Sargeant) 2ndSS - Totenkopf, Standare Brandenburg" (whew!) and of course had to go about "improving" it... It really is a nice piece as is, but it doesn't really "fit in" with my other stuff. I'm not really finished yet.

09/10/97- The stock head was pretty good, but I thought it was too clean and too soft. First thing I did was mix a small amount of resin and slushed it around on the inside of the head. This made it firmer and more suitable for painting. Then I gave it a basecoat of fairly pale flesh, used a dark brown wash for the five o'clock shadow, nostrils, ears, and under and around the eyes. The idea is to supplement natural shadowing and it's never just a straight wash of one color. I also dab a bit of the flesh paint and add that to the wash, to blend the colors more naturally. The eyebrows were done with a thicker concentration of brown, but the edges were feathered out with thin flesh paint. I didn't spend much time doing the eyes-- a little dab of reddish brown in the corner. The eye-liner is still too pronounced so it needs to be toned down. I just did this to get rid of the "deer in headlights" look.

09/10/97- I gave him Cotswold's Shpagin PPSh-41 (a Russian submachinegun) and made a few changes. First, I sanded down all the parting lines. There was a really ugly one that cut right down the center of the drum magazine. Next, I dremelled out the ventilation holes in the barrel jacket and drilled a hole for the styrene barrel. The barrel is visible through all but the terminal ventilation hole. I added some additional detail to the drum-- although slightly inaccurate, the winder does make it look better I think. A few other things: I clipped off the strap mounts and side mounted the them (They were on the top!), and detailed the sights.

Other improvements planned: replace the embroidered cloth collar boards with painted ones. Maybe dullcote the helmet-- they really didn't keep 'em that shiny, did they? The helmet also needs the webbing rivets.

Last modified: Saturday, January 6, 2001 6:20 PM