I aim to create figures with "personality". Whether this means Hollywood Joes, Historical Joes or Generic Joes, I want them to look unique. I try to match the character with the role, so there's always a bit of stereotyping. This helps me "get into" producing the proper characterization.

11/25/97- Whaaaaa? You don't recognize Waffen-SS General, Felix Steiner? Oh, ok. In that case, this is generic head #4.

11/25/97- Generic #3. A young soldier with big ears? Actually, he's based on a picture I saw in a book of some anonymous soul. Little did he imagine- way back in the 1940's -that he would be immortalized in both print and electrons.

11/12/97- Generic Joe #2. This guy looks a bit more heroic than #1; maybe a tank commander or grunt? Hey! He looks like a waiter! Or maybe a ballet dancer? I guess that's why they call him "anyperson".

Like I said, these are very rough, with bad symmetry. I'll probably wait until I have a sampling of them before I decide which ones to finish, bake & cast.

11/09/97- I've got five Cotswold bodies without heads coming, and I'd rather they didn't look like refugees from a cloning tank. So here ya go: Generic Joe #1.

This is still very rough-- it's a generic head with a snarly expression. He looks like a burly, humorless bureaucrat to me, so he might end up as an officer.

11/02/97- I consider Rommel to be a "good guy", despite the fact that he was an Axis commander. Consequently, his expression reflects noble seriousness, but not sternness.

This is a composite of Rommel at different ages, since I couldn't find enough good reference photos of him at a particular age. This sculpt is a reworking of the McQueen head, below. I abandoned McQueen since there are already some very good ones out there: I could just buy one if I wanted it badly enough.

09/04/97- This is supposed to be Steve McQueen, but I can't find any good frontal pictures. I did this from a profile shot taken long after his role in "The Great Escape", so it's hard to tell... Another thing is that you can't see what they really look like until they're painted.

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