I scraped the bottom of the fish tank, and this is all I could come up with... dried fish, flavored with neurotic angst!

Inspiration is a strange thing. You can't force yourself to be inspired, and it isn't enough to be momentarily inspired with a cool idea: You must have the will to follow through. I think that this aspect may be more difficult if you're not a professional artist, because without the whip crack of real-world pressure ushering you on, you have to come up with your own reasons to do it.

In a collaborative professional environment, there's the infusion of other ideas and opinions, which may or may not be a fun thing. If you're a professional, you might complain about the compromises and lack of freedom to create according to your own vision. Art by committee, or for the purpose of making money is more of a "product" than it is "Art for Art's sake". Not that there's anything wrong with that. And I'm not pompous enough to propose that my stuff is "Art"! It's just a compulsion to mark time by creating things, as a way of leaving some tangible evidence of my existence on this planet.

Like mummies & dried fish.

So, I've had a real problem with this inspiration thing lately. I can't seem to come up with anything that I really feel compelled to make. Several tangential factors (rationalizations) are that I've exceeded my web space allotment (not a big problem), and I've exceeded my real world space allotment (a more difficult problem). The biggest problem is motivational though-- I can't seem to commit to what I want to make.

I'd like to make something that's new & fresh, something that's fun to make, something challenging-- something that I feel like making! I thought the "Maria Robot" project would be fun, since it would involve making a body armor suit. Once I thought about it some more though, her armor didn't seem all that exciting to sculpt. So I thought of making an Alien. Here, the problem is that fairly good renditions already exist (Medicom), and I don't want to be redundant. Other thoughts: a "Species" doll? Maybe. Or something from the fantasy genre? Monsters? Ultraman? Guyver? More fertility goddesses? Lots of ideas; doing is the challenge.

Looks succulent, but she's just more dried fish...


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