These polaroids were taken a long time ago, back when I had room to set up dioramas. I had just bought the camera and wanted to try it out on something. I had to disassemble the flash unit to separate it from the camera, since it was way too bright to use for closeups. It still took a lot of trial & error to get decent pictures.

The Kenner figures in a terrarium. One of my very first photos.

Jabba and an "Oola" style dancer. I think this one is the same one which is currently "Oola". Here she didn't have head tails or the nifty quick-release top she currently sports.

These guys were sculpted with a soldering iron. DON'T TRY THIS. There are safer ways of getting the same effect with epoxy putty and a Dremel moto-tool.

The guy in the middle became Darth Vader, and the lady on the right became Princess Aura of the old animated series of Flash Gordon. She plays a cameo role in some of the regular gallery cantina scenes.

Princess Leia, having a really bad night. She served duty as an old maid for a while. She has since reverted to the good old dual bun-headed gal we all know and love.

This corn-fed heifer has become "Hilda Tarkin", as seen in a few pictures in the regular galleries.

I don't know what this one became, but she kinda looks like Barbara or Tia Carrera or someone like that. Yes, her skin is really white. I had just read the E. R. Burroughs "John Carter - Warlord of Mars" series, and borrowed some of the basic ideas. As you can tell, pure white doesn't photograph very well.


This is one of my oldest customized figures and has undergone the most dramatic transformation. She started life as a Buck Rogers Princess Ardalla figure. She grew by the addition of melted model sprue plastic to become the huge amazon she is today (far right), at a scale 8+ feet tall! This required a lot of messing with the articulation, including the trickiest of all, the hip joint.

She's always filled the role of a kind of female Darth Vader, and currently rules an army of horned alien types (see the regular galleries).


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