Boy, I love getting e-mail messages! I just hate answering them. It's a little known fact that original keystroke energy can be reclaimed from text messages and sold to local power suppliers. Replying to messages wastes this harvested energy. I'm ashamed to admit this since it's a truly sleazy practice. (But baby needs a new pair of shoes...) So to avoid temptation, it seemed proper to not publish my addie, lest someone wrote and actually expected a reply.

I now see that there are some circumstances where I'm obligated to accept communications: Someone may need to contact me to confirm one of my slanderous allegations. I'm also expecting a message from extraterrestrials (and they don't do phones).

So here's my latest attempt to keep my e-mail address from the spam monkeys:




First and Last name of actor who played Hudson in Aliens (use proper capitalization)
Hint: humans know when to use a search engine, spambots don't:




(The gag script was adapted from the cool "Mr Pushme" Javascript, from The Javascript Source.)