"Uncorseted, her friendly bust / Gives promise of pneumatic bliss." (T.S. Eliot)

How classy... a T.S. Eliot quote! Actually, I remember the usage from "Brave New World", but who cares, huh? My goal was to capture the full-bodied look of the works of Frank Frazetta and Russ Meyer, with a thematic link to Ms. Borgasm. And I wanted to make something that wouldn't drive me crazy in the casting process (that's yet to be seen). With any luck, I'll be able to make a 1 piece mold of her body, eliminating any parting lines! Of course, the mold would have to be a really soft rubber which won't last for many castings...

"You haven't seen the last of me, Duncan McLeod!"

Epilogue, 7/2/97: The clay original died during demolding... First a leg, then a crumb, then the body, and finally the head. Fortunately, the mold was acceptable although some areas were compromised. It means more clean-up work for me (which I had hoped to avoid by making a one-piece mold!).

Very strange-- while working on this piece I thought of making a removable mask with a grisly mechanical skull behind it...

above: click to view larger image

Details... Buried in the details are a few gags... heck, it's hard to work on hardware like this with a completely straight face! I mean, when you're working on a fertility goddess with boobs & tubes, hooks & plug-ins, you get a lot of strange ideas that make you chuckle.

These were some early ideas... I couldn't decide how I wanted her to look, so this was an experiment in "design by trial & error". The leg details changed several times before I was satisfied, and the boobs... the boobs... (I finally settled on a "wet tee-shirt" look)

It's not easy pushing the envelope... trying to keep an eye on that thin line which separates art from depravity. The fee from the fie. Take the nipple, for example: it's a threshold on our rating system, and oddly, only for female humans. It's defined by the areola, the darkly pigmented area which surrounds the nipple itself. The nipple itself is the protuberance. It's considered a no-no for a female human to show a portion of the areola in public. However, the shape of the nipple is acceptable in public if it is fully covered by a sweater, or other article of clothing. From this, we must conclude that the areola is actually the offensive element? No, because men can display both areola and nipple! If we look at this issue carefully, we see that the primary difference is that the female nipple rests upon another protuberance, the breast. It seems that the "darkly pigmented protuberance upon protuberance" combination is something which we have deemed unacceptable to be viewed in public. Of course, I could be completely wrong about this...


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