CCP 12-inch/30cm/1:6-scale Ultraman Dodongo, Black Series

11/21/17- Ultraman is an extremely niche interest in the USA. The few tokusatsu and daikaiju forums and websites tend to focus on other, more popular/well-known properties like Godzilla, Power Rangers, and even Kamen Rider (Masked Rider). Ultraman's popularity is mainly a Japanese thing. Consequently, if you don't speak or read Japanese, there aren't very many sources of information about Ultraman. While eBay and Bigbadtoystore do have Ultraman stuff, it's mainly for the American market, and only a tiny fraction of what's available to the Japanese collector. Narrow it to the 12"/30cm/1:6 size, and pickin's are mighty slim! An American non-Japanese speaker has to be a little obsessive about the pursuit, and may have to stray a bit outside the comfort zone of USA-centric online shops.

I've recently found some helpful links for this kind of stuff:

  • ULTOPIA amazing ULTRAMAN world: Blog with a ton of well-written inside-info articles about the original Ultraseries shows; in English by someone who (I think) is Japanese. Not much info about the toys or collecting, but clearly a labor of love for the original shows.
  • Kaiju Battles - Home of the Monsters: Blog that keeps up with CCP (and other) toy pre-orders and releases. Much easier than trying to navigate CCP's Japanese-only website. Just the facts; perfect for the ADHD TL;DR crowd.
  • Ami Ami Character and Hobby Shop: Appear to be the main international distributor of CCP's 1/6 Tokusatsu line, but if you're late and aren't in on pre-orders, you're not going to find much available to buy.
  • Mandarake Shop: Pre-owned Ultraseries toys. Most of the harder-to-find stuff is quickly snapped up by collectors, but I got lucky and found Pilot Ace's Gyango and CCP's Dodongo there. Primary audience is Japanese, but has good English support.
  • Marmit website: Good for researching pre-owned finds. I was surprised that they'd released a lot of cool 30cm Ultraseries stuff (Icarus & Pitto Seijin!) that's under the Google USA radar. Japanese, no English (use Google Translate).

For 12"/30cm/1:6 Ultraseries toys, CCP currently seems to be the one to watch. Medicom RAH Ultraseries appears to be dead, Billiken's release schedule is few and far between, but CCP has produced a variety of not-the-usual-suspects in this scale, including Borg Seijin, Miclas, Windam, Agira, Dalie, Giradoras, Pandon, Neronga, Gabora, Magura, and Dodongo (in addition to Red King, Baltan Seijin, Zetton, Gomora, Teresudon, Garamon, Pegira, Eleking, King Joe, and the Ultradudes). They've produced a lot just this year, and through the years have produced variants with light-up gimmicks and different paint schemes.

CCP's 1/6 Tokusatsu line are realistic-style, detailed, pre-painted hollow vinyl figures with minimal articulation. Almost all of the CCP stuff that I've bought has fit in acceptably with my 12" collection, except for Keronia (old and not part of the 1/6 Tokusatsu line).

CCP 12-inch/30cm/1:6-scale Ultraman Dodongo, Black Series

CCP 12-inch/30cm/1:6-scale Ultraman Dodongo, Black Series

CCP 12-inch/30cm/1:6-scale Ultraman Dodongo, Black Series

The "Special Effects Series" Black (metallic greenish) Dodongo was released in 2009 in a limited edition of 500; in 2010 they released it in 2 "normal" paint schemes (yellow or gold). I would have preferred that version instead (I think it looks more interesting), but you take what you can get. I considered repainting it to the screen-accurate colors like I did with their glow-in-the-dark Neronga, but decided to leave it alone because it wasn't horribly discolored like Neronga. (Being a dark color, it will probably never discolor, bummer...)

CCP 12-inch/30cm/1:6-scale Ultraman with Dodongo, Black Series

As with Gyango, I was concerned that it might be on the short side, despite being in the "1/6" series; Compared to Medicom's Ultraman, it does seem a little small. I've concluded that despite Medicom's reputation for making short figures, that some of their RAH Ultraseries figures are slightly on the tall side in the world of 12"/30cm/1:6 Ultraseries figures.

CCP 12-inch/30cm/1:6-scale Ultraman with Dodongo, Black Series, slightly modified

Dadgummit! I couldn't help myself... See, I had some gold metallic powder and a test dab led to a little more, and some more after that. That stuff's like Oobleck. At least I left the eyes and mouth alone.

(I read at CCP's blog that the black versions are for folks who like to paint. It's also easier for them to make.)


About the Show: Dodongo was a rare, 2-suit actor costume (also Pestar) apparently inspired by a Chinese/Japanese mythical beast (or logo from Japan's Kirin beer). Its appearance is preceded by the unearthing, revival, and killing of an ancient ape-faced mummy who shoots beams from his eyes (just like Dodongo). It's another episode where the monsters are depicted sympathetically, as critters who didn't ask to be awoken from their timeless slumber, who do exactly what ancient critters do when Man's curiosity yanks them into the 20th century world of mid '60s television. Dodongo paid the price for its lack of vision (inflicted by Arashi and Ide): If only they'd stayed buried until the Ultra Spark doll was invented...