CCP 12-inch/30cm/1:6-scale capsule monster Mikuras/Miclas from Ultraseven

09/29/16- I think I've nearly exhausted my acquisition lust for 30 cm old-timey Ultra series critters. Sure, there are more out there, but this was one of the last ones that I'd been waiting to stumble across on the American market (eBay). Japanese auction services are much more fertile hunting grounds, so it may not be over yet...

So... what's so desirable about this ugly and funky-looking critter? It's mainly a personal nostalgia thing: I had a vinyl version as a kid. I don't remember much about it except for general impressions. It had that vinyl-ish smell, and was toy-like with soft detailing... like most toys intended for kids were back in the day. (Personally, I think it's an interesting design although I have no clue about the meaning of the horns' coloration, or the ideograms on the body.)

Miclas (I prefer "Mikuras") was one of Ultraseven's three "capsule monsters" (like Wyndam) that were supposed to help him out, but rarely did. He got in some good blows against Eleking in the third episode, but took a beating.

The Capsule Monster was a cool but barely fleshed-out concept at the time, but as a kid, that didn't matter to me. As an adult, the Internet informed me about their other appearances in the many subsequent reiterations of the Ultraman franchise. Too Much Information? Thankfully, I didn't actually witness the downwards slide towards cheesy that would tarnish some of my fond memories.

From my initial estimation, CCP's Mikuras seems slightly undersized relative to Billiken's Eleking. Maybe it's just the height (he's considerably shorter, but stockier)? Nevertheless, it's hard to imagine the smaller model Mikuras doing as well against Eleking as he did in the TV episode (even though he did get whupped).

CCP 12-inch/30cm/1:6-scale capsule monster Mikuras/Miclas from Ultraseven

CCP 12-inch/30cm/1:6-scale capsule monster Mikuras/Miclas & Billiken Eleking from Ultraseven