08/23/15- Thankfully, there's very little to say about this guy:
  • There are many ways to spell his name in English: Windom, Windham, Windam, Wyndom, Wyndam, Wyndham, etc....
  • He's one of three "Capsule Monsters" that Moroboshi Dan/Ultraseven deploys when he can't do the job himself. If I recall correctly, Windom's summoned in three episodes of the original series. (A neat concept in small doses, but it appears that this inspired the blatant merchandise-driven "Spark Doll" concept in recent Ultra series iterations, and gave the show a Pokemon-esque flavor.)
  • Wyndam was part of a special 40th anniversary release from CCP that included 1/6th versions of Ultraseven's other capsule monsters, Agira and Mikuras.
  • This is a 12.5"/32-cm (11" without the top fin) vacuum-metalized vinyl toy released by CCP in November 2008, called "Metal Windom" (Vol 14 at their website). They made 300 of them.

  • They made two versions without the shiny finish; one painted silver (500 made) and one partially painted with fade-to-translucent legs, simulating mid-materialization (200 made). All versions are difficult to find; interest in 12" vintage Ultra series monsters is probably minimal to non-existant outside of Japan, but in Japan, die-hard collectors snap this stuff up fast.
  • Articulation: Feet, arms, and hands rotate. The head rotates, but isn't sculpted for it. The arms are intended to be posed as shown; when rotated downwards, the hidden areas are revealed and they're not vac-metalized.
  • The stock vac-metalized version is difficult to photograph since it looks like a confusing barrage of shiny details that are difficult to decipher. I didn't even bother. (The pic above is purloined from CCP's site.) Apparently, putting this finish on flexible vinyl is difficult and something that CCP seems quite proud of... since they've put it on other figures that aren't pretending to be robots or mechanical. (It would look good on a Terminator endoskeleton though.)
  • Yes, I destroyed its collector's value by giving it a dark oil-paint wash. It photographs better, but mainly, I like to see its details.
  • I would have preferred to have bought the painted version because it looks more like the silver rubber suit seen in the show.

CCP Windom from Ultraseven, frontal

CCP Windam from Ultraseven

Ultraseven's capsule monster Wyndham, by CCP