Medicom's Ragon from Ultra-Q


08/05/15- Ragon is another one of the 30-cm Ultra-Q hollow vinyl figures that Medicom released in the early 2000s, before their rubber-suited RAH line of dolls. Like Kemurujin, it has minimal articulation-- just the arms (and the feet, which have to be attached, separate in the packaging).

The quality of the sculpture is outstanding, with far more detail than Kemurujin; not surprising since the subject is a far more complicated costume. In addition to close fidelity to the fins and suit texture, the monster suit's claws are sculpted as gloves, reproducing the suit's actual construction.

The fins are cast in a flexible plastic (though not as thin and diaphanous as the actual suit's) and attached nearly seamlessly to the stiffer vinyl used for the body parts.

Paint ops are well done, considering that there are so many fins that need to be painted. I'm guessing they did it by hand (which would be at the limits of my patience).

The white pupils are larger than the screen version, but it's a neat look. As is common for these shows, Ragon's eyes are lighted for many of the shots, which has a dramatic effect in the night scenes.

Visually, the only quibble I have is that the head/neck seems a bit high off the body. Perhaps I'm seeing it as if it were an actor wearing a close-fitting monster mask with the actor's eyes where the monster's eyes are. That's clearly not the case. The screen monster suit (and the model) has perforations in the roof of the mouth which correspond to where an actor's eyes would be.

Although the figure appears to be very skinny, that jives with the screen appearance of the monster.

This represents the Ultra-Q version of Ragon, who was a human-sized (but tall and thin), female creature. The giant Ragon who appeared in the subsequent original Ultraman episode was (I'm guessing) male, and noticeably stockier. Also, meaner and more deranged, a by-product of radiation. (Kinda like the untold and highly-classified story of the 50 foot tall Mme. Curie.)