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Transgender is soooo yesterday; Trans-species is the bold new frontier!


07/24/15- This one's the result of the unfortunate disintegration of Fearmu's Pleather outfit after living in storage for about five years. I considered trying to reconstruct her (the headsculpt is kinda neat) but it would have been difficult to find a sleek, form-fitting (non-pleather) replacement outfit that could be colored to resemble the original.

I also questioned whether I wanted to reconstruct her. I'm not terribly interested in the newer sleek-suited Ultra heroes (who IMO increasingly resemble Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), or really much beyond Ultraseven-- the last show I watched as a kid. I've liked some of the newer stuff here and there, but not enough to make me want to collect it in 1/6 scale... which is practical because that's a much more manageable scope. Fearmu was basically a fun femfig project, but her later generation Ultra-hero style (inspired by Camearra of the Ultraman Tiga era) didn't really fit in with the retro-classic era that most interests me.

Truth be told, going alien was just an easy way to recycle both the body and the suit. The Fearmu suit (a Cy Girls Pleather suit) was a lost cause for reconstruction (see addendum to Ultrawoman Lulu project) since there was no way to clean it up acceptably for reconstruction into the sleek and smooth look that it originally had. The easy way to repurpose it was to give it a rough rubber coating. This hid the tailored seamlines of the Cy Girls outfit and made it more suitable for a creature-skin suit.

Superu Seijin's screen suit is relatively smooth except for the scabs, but this wasn't an attempt to recreate the show's costume accurately (hell, this one's got boobs!). Many years ago (2004), CRM Toys did a fairly accurate production of "Mr. Satake" (see below), so that base has been covered (although it's nearly impossible to find nowadays and really, really expensive if you do). My schtick is to do offbeat alternate takes on the truly obscure, just to annoy the purists. It's also my nod to gender equality (Why should only guys get to wear cool scab-camouflage suits?).

Superu Seijin/Alien Spell is from the Tsuburaya-banned Ultraseven episode #12 (From a Planet with Love/TBS's Crystalized Corpusules) that hasn't been included in any Japanese video releases to date, but was inexplicably provided to TBS to maim for US broadcast in the wee hours of the morn. Because of this notoriety, it's actually less obscure than it should be amongst die-hard Ultra-series fans (who are a pretty obscure niche group). If you're really interested and want to join the ranks, a web search can give you all the details that you crave about the banned episode.

ultraseven superu seijin alien spell    CRM Toys Mr. Satake superu seijin alien spell

This was another "low-hanging fruit" project that didn't require much planning or skill (the only kind I do these days). It did require finding and digging into the old epoxy putty for the headsculpt; I haven't touched that stuff in years. Fortunately, the ick and crud on parts A and B were just on the surface, so I was able to dig underneath to mix a small batch of workable putty. Not saying that I can still sculpt, but it was gratifying to know that I could place the eyes and mouth roughly where they belonged on this relatively undemanding headsculpt. The head's a bit narrower across the top, but I think it fits with the gender conversion.

I added the odd "bubble" detail on the right thigh; it's on the screen costume's left side, and seems to be of some significance since the camera does a close up of it (pulsating and glowing) shortly after Superu Seijin first appears. However, I have no idea what it's supposed to do or represent. Arousal? Waking from hibernation mode? For all the subsequent shots, it doesn't glow and it's never focused on again. Maybe it's just a pus-filled carbuncle?

I did re-use Fearmu's armoured fist thingies, which look semi-plausible as some sort of tech weaponry. It seems that in these shows the creatures are always able to fire some sort of beam or weapon out of their orifices or extremities, without the aid of any kind of apparent technology. Superu Seijin shoots laser beams from his eyes? I suppose it eliminates the need to wear clothes and pistol belts. Clearly, you shouldn't think too deeply about this stuff...