CCP's keronia from Ultraman with medicom RAH body


ultraman keronia ccp medicom07/12/15- The initial title of this article didn't include "CCP" because I'd forgotten who made the funky vinyl figure that I harvested the head, hands and feet from. After some research, I learned that I'd bought the CCP Keronia vinyl back in 2007.

Upon receiving it, I was pretty disappointed to discover that it was not sized for the 12" scale, being only about 10" tall. At that size, his menacing presence was considerably diminished when displayed alongside my other Ultra creatures, so he went into storage limbo and was forgotten. This wasn't a big loss because it wasn't anywhere near the same visual quality as the other CCP kaiju I'd bought (Neronga, Gabora)-- it looked like a cheap, glisteny vinyl figure. The shame of it was that in CCP's archival pictures it looked great and at the time, was the only rendition that looked like it might fit in with my collection; all the other available renditions of Keronia were done in the stylized retro style. (Clearly, Mr. Keronia had hired a lousy agent.)

That situation hasn't changed much since then except CCP's Keronia isn't available, and the most TV-accurate version currently available is X-Plus', in their smaller scale.

Since I was repairing damaged Medicom figures and having bought a spare stripped-down Medicom RAH body (formerly Harry Potter!), I saw the potential for converting the vinyl into an articulated 12" figure that would match the size and style of my other Ultra monsters.

This was an easy conversion that didn't require any sculpting or fine detail painting (a necessity since my 3D vision is shot). All it required was the RAH figure in a jumpsuit with a bunch of silk flower leaves glued on: I didn't try to model the costume's leaf pattern accurately. To help match the vinyl casting's texture and sheen, caulk was brushed on the silk leaves-- this makes them slightly more dimensional, although not as dimensional as the sculpted parts (which, compared to video shots of the costume, may be too dimensional).

ultraman keronia ccp medicom

Yummy! Where's the soy sauce? The horrible dismemberment pic that only a Vegan could love; not even Ultraman could be so cruel! I didn't take any before pictures to show what it looked like, but it was funky. The few that I found on the web look much better than mine did (and mine does)!

ultraman keronia ccp medicom

(Ultraseven standing in for Ultraman, who was tired of dancing.)

CCP bills their Volume 5 release as "Vampire Monster Keronia". He's actually a blood-drinking ambulatory plant creature, originally from the Amazon. Another cool episode from Ultraman, featuring a strange and mysterious Mr. Goto who returns to Japan after growing up in South America, and who harbors a terrible secret. The actor does a great job of being creepy and weird, and the show's most memorable moment is when he pops out of a dresser wearing a suit while transformed into human-sized Keronia. In (naked) building-crushing mode, he's an agile and scrappy fighter, probably due to the freedom of movement the monster suit permits. You can't help but be distracted by a particularly flappy giant leaf stuck on the left side of his head though. You'd expect this fire-averse creature to have met a bonfire demise, but instead we're treated to an exploding shower of body chunks. Oddly enough, the Keronia "race" has a fleet of invasion airships (spaceship-looking things with an orange star painted on the bottom, no doubt jazzed-up at one of their plants), flying in formation to their predictable destruction by the Science Patrol and Ultraman.

ccp keronia n-scale kato buildings

Cuddly retro rendition of evil blood-sucking plant creature.
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