ultraman medicom guts seijin


This is a "ketch-up" article, to show a few pics of additional releases in Medicom's line of 12" Ultraseries dolls: I think they're really kewl and I've obviously been infected with the "Buy 'em all" (except Kanegon) disease. Fortunately, Medicom's released these suckers gradually, which softens that continual drain on the wallet. I think that was one of the main downfalls of the overall male-oriented 12" doll collecting phenomenon: Too many producers producing too much stuff at the same time for an extended period. That forced many collectors to narrow their focus, and forego impulse purchases that they might have considered with a less stressed-out wallet. On the other hand, Medicom's cautious release schedule is probably a reaction to this highly-competitive market and their own broad product line. I can only hope that Medicom continues to add to this line, because they're not finished yet, and there are still aging baby-boomers willing to plunk down the big bucks to satisfy nostalgic yearnings. (Well, there's at least one...)

ultraman medicom pegassa seijin


There really isn't anything new to say about these that I haven't said in previous articles about rubber-suited dolls. They look great but aren't terribly poseable-- but more so than a vinyl/resin garage kit rendition. That was enough justification for me to get their version of Pegassa Seijin when I already had Billiken's vinyl version. Also, he's an alien from Ultraseven, my favorite of the Ultra series. A comparison of the doll & garage kit shows that the Pegassa Seijin doll would benefit greatly from a dark wask treatment to bring out details in the white areas (it would also photograph a lot better!).

Both aliens are popular among fans of the show (which explains why Medicom produced 'em). The original Pegassa Seijin episode was an example of the more "adult" plotlines that characterized the Ultraseven episodes-- he was one of the few creatures who didn't grow to gigantic size to do epic battle with Ultraseven. The Pegassa Seijin reappeared in the recent Ultraseven "Evolution" video series as a society with competing factions. Guts Seijin was featured in one of three two-parter episodes of the original Ultraseven series, and was the only alien to totally defeat Ultraseven (of course, they blew it in part 2). They also reappeared in the "Evolution" series. Yeah, Puffin aliens do look a little silly, but they look a whole lot more imposing when photographed from a low angle, orchestrating an Ultraseven butt-whupping.


ultraman chiburu seijin billiken

Wow! I finally found Billiken's out-of-production "Alien Chibull" garage kit on eBay. It was prebuilt & almost fully painted, although it needed some help. I was grateful for this since I can relate to the tedium of painting all those frickin' detail edges. You've got to be compulsive to get through a paint job like that, and after a while you're tempted with questions like, "Am I ever going to display its backside?" (Sorry, you've gotta paint the whole damn thing.)

I'm confident that Medicom won't do this one in doll form... The octopus-inspired design isn't your usual man-in-a-rubber-suit. Although the show's puppet effects were a little funky by any standard (mainly tentacle thrashing), the transformation of an aged toymaker into this creature and its brief midnight encounter with Ultraseven was pretty effective. His ability to mentally control toys seems like a dubious power for an alien bent on conquering the world, but it would sure be a boon for someone learning to fly a radio-controlled helicopter.

It's definitely a quirky creature design, but you've gotta love those crazy eyes & lips!