EVE 2.0?

Last modified: Thursday, October 11, 2001 8:32 PM


Is this really Eve 2.0? What about the soft-skinned Pocket Sex Doll Eve, which came after Dragon's original Stick-Figure Eve ? I'm not sure what Dragon's disowning or pretending they never made, so I'll refer to this one as "Bubble Boob Eve", or "BB Eve" or "Beeve" or "Bevo". You can call her whatever you want.

The fact is, Dragon keeps trying. Zzzzzzzzzzz... Maybe I've seen one too many naked female doll? All I can think of saying about this one is that it's better than their first. Sheesh, you can't help but think about that one when you put "Dragon" and "Female Figure" in the same thought space. Aieeeeeeeee! This is the one they should have made in the first place. As you can see, it's constructed very much like their male version. This was such an obvious course to have taken that you can't help but wonder why they went out of their way to scare the bejeezus out of us with Stick Figure Eve. Fucking sadists.

I'm not saying that Dragon's got it perfect this time; Click joints at the arms and legs, but they're not too bad. It's probably a taste thing, but her hips and midsection look awfully peculiar to me. Her hands seem too large. But it appears that Dragon has overcome their nipple-avoidance issues and planted a couple firmly upon her bulbous pair. This isn't exactly pandering on their part; It's really an issue of historical accuracy. With clothes on, this is supposed to represent a WWII Soviet Sniper gal. See? Naaaawwww... Would ja believe... they just wanted to save some people the trouble of doing it themselves? Naaaawwww... How about... Big Tits = Hubba Hubba = Bucks? Maybe. Regardless, it's interesting to consider that this might create an opportunity for some enterprising customizer to offer breast reductions for dolls! Wooo hooo! (Remember, you heard it here first!)

All in all, this is a very solid figure with very few surprises--which makes it kind of boring for me. It's difficult to praise mechanical aspects which should be standard, like articulation with a good "feel", and a balanced choice of materials which helps the figure to stand. Stuff like that only seems worth mentioning when you're comparing it to figures that don't have the right stuff. Generally, Dragon does a good job on these mechanical issues, so for me, that's become a "given". Nevertheless, there are a few unique points in BB Eve's construction worth mentioning.

As you can see, the ankle is constructed with a ball joint (like a CY Gal's foot) instead of the usual single axis hinge & rotation. With this, you get an additional axis that you can pose the foot along, although the range of posing is more limited than a traditional foot (The CY Girl foot has a deep cutout which extends the range of forward and backwards posing). Their choice of materials works well and doesn't seem overly loose or prone to loosening. This may or may not be a big deal to you-- in a practical sense, ankle articulation isn't really very important since most people keep figures in boots. Unless the boots are super-soft, the ankles do nothing except let you put on or remove the boots. For a barefooted figure though, this is a very good construction. In addition to the functional benefits, the articulation aesthetics are less intrusive than other designs. (The seam above the ball joint can be filled since it's used only for the construction of the figure.)

As I said, BB Eve came as Svetlana, in a Soviet sniper's outfit with a soft hair wig (a molded hair version is available as a limited special thang). It's a unique figure for a WWII collection, although the accessories are rather sparse for the price-- especially compared to an aviator figure. (The bra and panties are a probably meant to be a joke... right?) But Dragon's pretty smart though and knew they could get away with it-- this is, after all, their first female figure (unless you want to consider Stick Figure Eve... Aieeeeeeeee!). Some people are suckers for that kind of thing.



...compared to our ever-present standard barer, Jane