05/07/97- Biology class, with a whip? Actually, the armature, the blueprint and the priestess. Racquel's a lot more lenient about armature design-- she doesn't give a hoot about triple wrapped wire. Of course, she's never made an armature for a 12" sculpture before. In fact, she doesn't even have one! Maybe that's why she's consigned to semi-permanent "Works In Progress" status?

Dan Platt suggested 3 twists of 1/8" armature wire-- damn! I think a single piece of it is hefty enuf. I usually regret this, but I insist on learning from my own mistakes.

Here's the lewd picture that I'm trying to approximate... Since Verotik is being so slow in finishing part two of the second Jaguar God vs. X'Alpen saga, I decided to play around with pencil, pen & brush (I'm deliberately hiding the REALLY horrible hand-- I don't claim to be a artist!). Besides, I liked the first artist's rendition (Mitch Byrd?) better, and if I were in charge of their production, I'd have brought him back. So I just placed his version in a new setting & pose.

Tin foil covered, following the Rick Barrows' Jimbob-friendly method, then covered with clay and roughly shaped. Still some more rough work needed to capture the general look & feel-- she ain't hefty enough, though she's certainly got enough cellulite. Unbelievably, her boobs are...too small! I've gotta admit-- this certainly is a heckuva lot faster that my old method. There's some savings in clay too-- every little bit helps.

Gaaaad! This is one lewd looking sculpture! And it's just starting to get refined! Bad choice of words: not refined as in "classy" but refined as in crude oil to tar. And to think I had intended to do something artistic, something sensitive with the 2 lbs of freshly squeezed clay. Yee Haw! This momma could whip Racquel's butt, even without a whip!

Hmmmm-- Her arms are mighty scrawny... maybe just a clump of clay here...there... more pasta, too.

05/09/97- Today's "refinements". The "Wet" stuff is useful for smoothing the clay without dissolving it & leaving brush marks. It came in handy doing the hands, since the fingers were too difficult to do with anything but a brush. Wet is available at head shops everywhere-- back in aisle 9 where the latex, leather & dildos are shamelessly displayed. It's like spit, but keeps the toxic clay from getting in your mouth. It dries out very, very slowly. I don't like the thigh veins much, but they were fun to do.

05/10/97- After doing her toes and her hair, I finally baked her. So far, no cracks... She still needs jewelry and other decorations. I had to give her a loincloth, just so she'd be presentable (and save me the agony of deciding how to detail the forbidden zone).

In the meantime I roughed out a couple of minions just to see what might look interesting for a base-- One's a horny dude and the other's a Frazetta-ish apeman. I think I like the apeman better. Their addition makes the scale intentionally ambiguous...

The horns, loincloth & jewelry hopefully will be enough to avoid licensing problems should she become a for-sale item. I mean, can you copyright boobs? Instead of X'Alpen, she becomes "Demon Monkey Goddess" or "Big-Assed Horny Monkey Woman".

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